Choline Chloride

Choline Chloride

Choline Chloride 60% Corn Cob

Choline chloride is one kind of Vitamins, it is the essential component of lecithin. And it is very important for the nutrition and growth of the animals. Because young animals cannot synthesize Choline Chloride itself, so their required Choline should be taken from the feedstuff.

The main functions of the choline chloride are as follows:

Functions of Choline Chloride

  • To prevent the accumulation of fat in livers and kidneys and avoid its pathological changes.
  • To increase the growth rate and laying rate of fowls and increase the survival rate of a baby pig.
  • To enhance the health of animals and to improve its ability to anti-illness.
  • To increase the growth and survival rate of fishes and promote its propagation.
  • To ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system of animals.


25KG WPP bags lined with plastic bags


Storage and transport: It should be stored in a dry, ventilative and clean warehouse and kept away from water and moisture during transport and stored separately from poisonous substances. Handled with care, so as to avoid damage to packing bags.

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