H-METHIOLEX is the natural alternative to Dl-Methionine, which is the combination of those plants which have the same mechanism of action in the body as of the synthetic Dl-Methionine. The Herbal Natural Methionine of NADLEX CANADA makes the replacement in the ratio 1:1 and is more bio-available in the blood serum H-METHIOLEX is more heat stable and the perfect compound for the Pellet and mesh Feed. It is more economical for the farmers and makes the production more profitable. The price structure of Herbal Methionine is mostly stable, it does not make the regular fluctuations which helps Farmers and Feed manufacturers to make the stable costing of their products and productions.

Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS)

Mannan oligosaccharides occur naturally in the cell walls of microorganisms such as yeasts and plants. Mannan oligosaccharides are successfully used in production animals as an aid to combating stress- dependent ailments that cause an imbalance in beneficial gut microflora. MOS exists in different forms but is all composed of mannose sugars linked by glycoside bonds:

  • alpha-(1,6) glycoside bonds
  • alpha-(1,2) glycoside bonds
  • alpha-(1,3) glycoside bonds
  • beta-(1,3) glycoside bonds

Selenium yeast is a product which is rich in organic selenium and made from Saccharomyces cerevisiae through fermentation, centrifugation, concentration and spray drying and other modern bio-technologies. It contains natural organic selenium including selenomethionine and selenocysteine, which have high anti-oxidation ability and biological value. Feed for poultry and livestock that are added selenium yeast can improve the production performance and feed intake rate. In addition, it can improve the animal’s immunity and increase the resistance to the virus and metal poisoning.

H-Methiolex is your right choice

Nature has provided Methionine to plants as dipeptides and oligopeptides along with its precursors and intermediates to facilitate optimum bio-synthesis of Methionine, as per birds need. Herbs also have enzymes required for conversion of Methionine into S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAM) which is Active Methionine Herbal Methionine as researched-based formulation contains bio-active natural Methionine in free as well as conjugated dipeptide and oligopeptide forms. Herbal Methionine contains the precursors and intermediates of Methionine, that is, folic acid. It acts as a methyl donor and prevents excess fat build up in the liver. Methionine is first limiting Amino Acid in poultry diets and very essential for all vital biological functions of birds. It may donate Sulfur groups, Methyl groups or serve as a building block of proteins. Methionine participates in the trans-methylation reaction where amino acids are metabolized to form energy.


  • For maintaining optimum growth, F.C.R. protein and energy utilization in poultry with more deposition of lean meat in breast and thigh muscle.
  • For providing optimum activity of Methionine.
  • For higher egg production and optimum egg size in commercial layers and breeders with improvement in F.C.R.
  • For improving protein synthesis, antibody titers, and other immune functions.
  • For better feather quality and to minimize feather pecking.
  • For improving the number of settable eggs and hatchability in breeder birds.
  • As a methyl donor to help prevent fatty liver syndrome.
  • To protect birds from stress-related protein catabolism and allied symptoms e.g. Edema, Ascites etc.
  • Optimizes hatchability

Why H-Methiolex?

  • Economic & better performance
  • Its activity remain unaltered during pelleting
  • Powder form ensures equivalent distribution of the product in the feed
  • Natural analog to replace synthetic methionine

Characteristics of Herbal Methionine

  • Methionine in di-peptide & oligo peptide form present in Herbal Methionine is more bio-active & bio-available.
  • Methionine in natural & L - isomeric form present in Herbal Methionine gets easily absorbed & sustains in the body for a longer duration of time.
  • Precursor ( serine & aspartic acid ) & intermediates ( SAM & MAT ) present in herbal methionine.
  • Folic Acid present in herbal methionine spares dietary methionine for protein synthesis instead of one carbon transfer reactions.


  • Improves skeletal & muscular growth.
  • Improves FCR & Anabolic effect.
  • Optimum Production
  • Enhanced Convalescence
  • Healthy Digestion
  • Early recovery from skin diseases and feather loss.
  • Recovers Leg weakness.


Replace the usage of H-METHIOLEX against synthetic Dl-Methionine in the same ration 1:1

E.g.: If a farm uses 1kg Dl-Methionine in each ton of feed then he must use the same 1kg of herbal Methionine in 1 ton of feed without using any quantity of synthetic Methionine, it will give the same results with better economics.


• 10kg
• 15 kg
• 25 kg

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