Mono Calcium Phosphate

Mono Calcium Phosphate®

Monohydrate Feed Grade MCP

Phosphorus is one of the most important mineral elements for animal’s health, especially for bone health and membrane function. The deficiency of phosphorus would severely affect on the growth performance and apparently decrease the survival rate and production yield. The phosphorus naturally exists in the plant as a form of phytate which could not be digested by most of the animals, except ruminants. Thus, it is essential to supplement phosphorus to poultry, pig and aqua fishes to fulfill their demand of phosphorus for normal growth.

  • In Poultry: Better digestibility would result in a higher intake of feed in poultry. Using MCP is essential in baby chicks where it satisfies the skeletal growth.
  • In pigs: Using MCP will result in higher digestibility feeds, and reducing the rate of trophism diarrhea in piglets. Achieving better palatability and improving feed intake of pigs.

Nadlex Canada Inc. Provide three types of phosphate salt available:

  • Di-Calcium phosphate (DCP) (Powder & Granule)
  • Mono Calcium Phosphate Monohydrate (MCP) (Powder & Granule)
  • Mono Di-Calcium phosphate (MDCP) (Powder & Granule)

With a variety of phosphorus contents and biological activities to fulfill the phosphorus demand for different animal species. Besides high biological phosphorus level because our quality is the priority, the purity of the product it is very important for us, calcium and phosphorus ratio appropriate to ensure a higher degree of its biological effects. Phosphorus content greater than 22% of the products, their biological effects better.


• 25KG WPP bags lined with plastic bags
• 25KG Kraft paper bags lined with plastic bags


Storage and transport: It should be stored in a dry, ventilative and clean warehouse and kept away from water and moisture during transport and stored separately from poisonous substances. Handled with care, so as to avoid damage to packing bags.

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