Nadlex AD3 Plus

Vitamin A is involved in the process of formation and preservation of function of epithelial tissues and mucous membranes, is important for fertility and is essential for vision. Vitamin D3 regulates and corrects calcium and phosphate metabolism in blood and plays an important role in the uptake of calcium and phosphate from the intestines. Especially in young, growing animal's vitamin D3 is essential for the normal development of skeleton and teeth. Vitamin E is as a fat-soluble intracellular antioxidant, involved in stabilizing unsaturated fatty acids, thereby preventing toxic lipo-peroxides formation. Furthermore, vitamin E protects the oxygen-sensitive vitamin A from oxidative destruction in this preparation.

Why Nadlex Ad3plus

Vitamin AD3E is a well-balanced combination of vitamin A, vitamin D3 and vitamin E for calves, cattle, goats, poultry, sheep, and swine. Vitamin AD3E is used for:

  • Prevention or treatment of vitamin A, vitamin D3 and vitamin E deficiencies in farm animals.
  • Prevention or treatment of stress (caused by vaccination, diseases, transport, high humidity, high temperatures or extreme temperature changes).
  • Improvement of feed conversion.
  • Improvement of the immune system and against heat stress.
  • Plays a role in blood clotting mechanisms.



Add 1ml of this product to 4L-5L drinking water, stir well. Continuous use for 5 to 10 days. Or as Advised by a veterinarian.


Store in dark and clean warehouse with below 20C, do not store together with any toxic or Hazardous materials; once opened make sure to use it up as soon as possible or sealed well.


1000ml/plastic bottle×12 bottles/carton

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