Immuran Plus

Immuran Plus® - Immune Stimulant

Immuran Plus® is a source of biologically active immunoglucan and oligosaccharides, Vitamin A, E, and Selenium Yeast formulated together to promote a healthy intestinal tract and active immune system to improve animal well being and performance.

Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS)

Mannan oligosaccharides occur naturally in the cell walls of microorganisms such as yeasts and plants. Mannan oligosaccharides are successfully used in production animals as an aid to combating stress- dependent ailments that cause an imbalance in beneficial gut microflora. MOS exists in different forms but is all composed of mannose sugars linked by glycoside bonds:

  • alpha-(1,6) glycoside bonds
  • alpha-(1,2) glycoside bonds
  • alpha-(1,3) glycoside bonds
  • beta-(1,3) glycoside bonds

Selenium yeast is a product which is rich in organic selenium and made from Saccharomyces cerevisiae through fermentation, centrifugation, concentration and spray drying and other modern bio-technologies. It contains natural organic selenium including selenomethionine and selenocysteine, which have high anti-oxidation ability and biological value. Feed for poultry and livestock that are added selenium yeast can improve the production performance and feed intake rate. In addition, it can improve the animal’s immunity and increase the resistance to the virus and metal poisoning.

Immuran Plus® has been developed to improve the health status of the animal by both promoting a beneficial microflora in the gut and by enhancing the animal’s immune response to better deal with challenges.

Intestinal Microflora

The intestinal tract of animals is the site of nutrient digestion and absorption. It is also the site for colonisation by both beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms. The microbial balance determines the host animal’s health status and production efficiency.

In healthy animals, lactobacilli dominate the intestine and successfully suppress pathogenic activity. Changes in this balance of microbial composition often occur and represent a major cause of digestive disturbance and the overall health and productivity of the animal. In addition, therapeutic or preventative treatment of calves with antibiotics or other drugs may remove all the microbes in the intestine and create a temporarily sterile digestive tract. Animals are extremely vulnerable to invasion by pathogenic organisms immediately after such therapeutic treatment.


The immunoglucan in IMMURAN PLUS® is produced by extracting a purified type of beta-glucan from the wall of yeast cells. This material acts as a specific stimulator of the immune system. This results in a greater activity of white blood cells to destroy pathogens and also to produce compounds such as peroxide and nitric oxide which inhibit pathogen development.

This property of immunoglucans is only evident when the material is at least 80% pure and has been processed in a particular way to protect its biological activity. Most commercially available beta glucans do meet this specification.


Oligosaccharides are natural sugar complexes which cannot be metabolised by the digestive enzymes of monogastric animals. They serve as substrates for the growth of specific beneficial bacteria in the lower gut and help to prevent the establishment of pathogens on the intestinal mucosa. Oligosaccharides can be produced from extracts of some vegetables including those from bananas, artichokes, cereals, certain microbial fermentation processes, or by carbohydrate synthesis.


Add 1ml of this product to 4L-5L drinking water, stir well. Continuous use for 5 to 10 days. Or as Advised by a veterinarian


Store in dark and clean warehouse with below 20C, do not store together with any toxic or Hazardous materials; once opened make sure to use it up as soon as possible or sealed well.


1000ml/plastic bottle

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