Research & Development

At NADLEX CANADA, we pride ourselves on being Canadians foremost supplier of high-performance animal nutrition solutions that deliver real results, and which are at the forefront of animal nutrition science. This is only possible because of our investment in innovation.

We have specialized research staff with extensive knowledge about technologies of chemical, pharmaceutical, feed, biochemical and biological production works in this department.

Our innovation program aims to provide our customers with sustainable improvements in performance through new feeds and feeding practices.

We support a vast range of research and development programs. We have strong partnerships with industry and regulated bodies, universities, and key research organisations.

R&D Department Lab is equipped with all necessary facilities adapted to conduct research activity. It uses classical and modern techniques to identify and examine the composition of complex mixtures and raw materials of plant, animal and mineral origin.

Activities of Nadlex Canada R&D Department

We offer a complete range of poultry premixes & concentrates for all avian species, including:

  • Creation of new and innovative products and solutions used in animal and plant production¬†processes that are useful in prophylaxis of farm and home animals diseases.
  • Drawing up of scientific and popular science publications about biological, medical and agricultural sciences.
  • Cytological, histopathological and biochemical examination and analysis (for our own needs and for the request).
  • Compilation of scientific expertise and custom chemical analysis (for our own needs and for the request).
  • Co organisation of scientific and didactic symposiums.
  • Solving technological problems of feed and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Quality control of raw materials used in products for animals.
  • Preparation of scientific documentation connected with production, implementation and registration of raw materials and finished products.
  • Cooperation with research and didactic centres.

We continue to identify new areas of growth and progression in the agriculture industry.