Innovative technologies for modern sustainable animal nutrition and pharmaceuticals

Delivering customer-beneficial products is how Nadlex Canada distinguishes itself. Our well-defined active ingredients and stringent Quality Control / Quality Assurance procedures have resulted in a history of consistently high-quality products. Whether utilized alone or in conjunction with conventional chemistry as part of an integrated program, our products have quantifiable and consistent biological effects.

Nadlex Canada possesses extensive expertise in the areas of biological screening, plant physiology, entomology, microbiology/fermentation, formulation development/application technologies, product development, regulatory, manufacturing, and quality control manufacturing. Our facilities’ ISO 9001 certification guarantees that our products and services are of the highest quality.

At the Nadlex Canada Research Center in Alberta, advanced chemistry equipment such as automated flash chromatography, a microwave reactor, HPLC, NMR, a spray chamber/hood, and a LIMS are available. The capabilities of this facility allow our laboratory researchers and the global field R&D team to select the most innovative products for field testing and commercial development.

In addition to plant extracts, microorganisms, and biochemical metabolites, our services and development initiatives also include biochemical metabolites. Our product development efforts aim to satisfy market demands with environmentally favorable, low-risk solutions.