Premixes and Concentrates

Premixes and Concentrates

There is a wide range of ingredients and additives on the world market which can be added to mineral feed.
We offer a complete range of poultry premixes & concentrates for all avian species, including:

● Broilers
● Broiler Breeders
● Laying Hens
● Turkeys
● Ducks
● Pheasant and Game
● Pigeons

We specialise in diet formulation and the custom manufacture of vitamin/mineral premixes to suit the individual requirements of the poultry producer.

Our team of dedicated Poultry Nutritionists have real practical experience of how diet can impact on bird performance, health and welfare.

Our nutrient premix is mixtures of functional ingredients and additives for poultry feed. We use the best products from certified suppliers only. Our wide range of functional ingredients can be used as-is or tailored to your specific needs.

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