A coccidiostat, an antiprotozoal agent that acts against Eimeria spp. in poultry like Eimeria acervulina, Brunetti, and Maxima.


Each 1 mL contains:
Toltrazuril 25 mg
Solvents ad 1 mL


Coccidiosis of all stages like schizogony and gametogony
stages of Eimeria spp. in chickens and turkeys.


For oral administration:
500 mL per 500 Litres of drinking water (25 ppm) for
continuous medication over 48 hours, or 1500 mL per
500 Litres of drinking water (75 ppm) given for
8 hours per day, on 2 consecutive days.
This corresponds to a dose rate of 7 mg of toltrazuril per
kg of body weight per day for 2 consecutive days.
*Note: supply the medicated drinking water as the only
source of drinking water. Do not administer to poultry
producing eggs for human consumption.

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